8 Ways to Boost your Productivity when Working from Home

Use a specific work area that is separate from home life.
One of the most important tips is to have a separate work space or desk area that is separated from your normal home life. This makes it considerably easier to get into the mood of doing focused work and also it helps maintain a clear separation between your home life and work life. Ideally your work space is in a separate room and has a comfortable chair, desk and surrounds that support productive work. If you don’t have a spare room then try and partition a quiet area of your house that is as far away from distractions as possible.

Maintain a professional attire.
If you dress professionally then you’ll find it alot easier to transition into work mode each day that you’re working from home. Yes you can try working in very casual clothes but numerous studies have shown that your productivity and professionalism invariably rise when you wear professional attire.

Work mostly normal hours.
Some jobs will require you to work exactly the same hours as you did when working in the office. Others will give you more flexibility. Wherever possible try and maintain reasonably similar hours so that you can still interact with colleagues and clients.

Interactions with the office.
Since you’re not physically in the office you need to make more of an effort to ensure your presence and work volume is noted. Use email, phone calls and numerous technological resources to maintain a strong work presence.’

Schedule your work carefully.
There may be some elements of your job that require you to be in the office. These may include client or team meetings or important project milestones which are more efficient and successful if you are in the office. Try to plan these as far ahead as possible and adjust your work schedule accordingly.

Take normal breaks during the day.
It can be easy to forget taking breaks when working from home as you’re not surrounded by colleagues regularly taking their own breaks. Its important for your own productivity and health to have designated breaks throughout the day. If you can also get outside and get some fresh air and/or visit a cafe then even better.

Minimise house errands.
Try your best to minimise the temptation of doing house errands during your work hours. While you can do some errands without impacting on your day too much, try to limit it as much as possible so that it doesn’t negatively impact on your work productivity.

Establish rules with others in your house.
It is important to discuss with others in your family certain rules and limits which apply whenever there is someone else in the house with you during work hours – especially during school vacation periods. Ensure that during your work hours they respect your work space and keep distractions or noise limited as much as possible.