8 Proven Ways to Use Technology to Improve your Working from Home Performance

Powerful computer & fast internet connection.
This is the first and foremost requirement. Without this the rest of your working experience will suffer accordingly.

Video chatting tools.
Use video chatting tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime to meet with colleagues or clients. With Google Hangouts you can have a meeting of up to 10 people for free while Skype is another good choice as long as someone in the meeting has a paid subscription which then allows meetings between more than two people.

Noise-cancelling headset.
A noise-cancelling headset that has a mute button can be a life-saver to prevent any domestic noise affecting an online meeting. A crying baby or a dog barking can easily ruin an important online meeting with a client.

Soothing background sounds.
Take advantage of soothing background music or podcasts during repetitive tasks to enhance your enjoyment and overall productivity.

Messaging options to foster team unity & efficiency.
Tools such as Slack.com or Snapchat can enable fast and efficient messaging amongst all colleagues whether they are onsite or offsite.

Cloud computing.
You can use cloud computing to access files via cloud storage options and also desktop as a service (DaaS) to create a virtual desktop network that has corporate-level security.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
VoIP can be used to allow all employees to talk to each other at great prices as well as offering video-conferencing options.

Computer peripherals.
Other computer equipment that will enhance your productivity include battery boosters, a second monitor, and also a good printer & scanner.